Sonia Anand

PHRI Senior Scientist Sonia Anand has been named Associate Vice-President, Global Health, for McMaster University’s Faculty of Health Sciences.

One of the first researchers to join Salim Yusuf in his work in Hamilton – pre-dating the 1999 inception of PHRI – Anand’s research has ranged from vascular health (studies like the landmark COMPASS) to population health, including women’s health and that pertaining to diverse ethnic backgrounds.

As well as her work with us – including many years as a member of the PHRI Executive – Anand is a professor of medicine and epidemiology in McMaster’s departments of medicine, and health research methods, evident and impact, and director of the Chanchlani Research Centre.

Her work as a mentor and advocate for women in academic medicine and issues of diversity in her field includes her role as Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee chair for the Canadian Cardiovascular Society, and an active member of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences’ EDI Taskforce.

Anand replaces Andrea Baumann, who held the global health leadership role at FHS for almost 20 years, during which time she developed an award-winning graduate education model that built capacity in global health.

Anand says of her new role at McMaster FHS:

“I am excited to take on this leadership role, as it amalgamates my research and academic expertise, and personal passions. I look forward to reimagining the realm of Global Health within McMaster University and beyond, reshaping our approach and charting a transformative path forward building and expanding upon the solid foundation of Global Health education established by Dr. Andrea Baumann.”

Sonia Anand (centre) with Andrea Baumann, right, and Dipika Desai at PHRI’s 20th anniversary symposium, The Future of Global Health, in 2019.

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