Rahul Chanchlani

Today is World Kidney Day, so it’s a good time to highlight all the renal research activity happening here these days, with several nephrologists joining PHRI recently.

Rahul Chanchlani has joined us as a Scientist, and since he is a specialist in pediatric nephrology, will be participating as well in population health at PHRI as well as renal research. Rahul is know for his work promoting interdisciplinary research collaborations among peers and experts to address knowledge gaps in key renal diseases.

Matthew Lanktree has joined PHRI as an Investigator, with research in human genetics preceding his residency in internal medicine and nephrology at McMaster University. His goal is to translate genetic studies into improved care of patients with kidney disease.

Amit Garg

Amit Garg, an Associate Scientist with PHRI, is a nephrologist at the London Health Sciences Centre (Ontario), who has collaborated with our Senior Scientist PJ Devereaux, and others at PHRI, in the past, looking at the effects of perioperative interventions on the risk of acute kidney injury. He is a Professor of Medicine, Epidemiology and Biostatistics at Western University with a cross promotion in McMaster’s Health Research Methods, Evidence and Impact department.

Amber Molnar

Current studies include ACHIEVE, a multicentre randomized controlled trial to determine if spironolactone reduces cardiac mortality and hospitalizations for heart failure in patients treated with dialysis.

Amber Molnar, an Associate Investigator at PHRI and a nephrologist at St. Joseph’s Healthcare in Hamilton, is working with Mike Walsh on a study looking at risk factors for sub-optimal dialysis initiation, with support from the Kidney Foundation of Canada and St. Joseph’s Healthcare.

Renal research at PHRI is lead by Scientist Mike Walsh, investigating chronic kidney disease, end-stage renal disease, dialysis, severe glomerular disease, perioperative acute kidney injury, and other areas of nephrology.

Mike Walsh

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