The OSCAIL study is a centrally guided, locally championed pilot study to determine the feasibility of implementing key elements of organized stroke care in hospitals in low resource settings.

Primary endpoint:

To increase the proportion of patients who receive 3 or more key stroke care interventions (KSI) by at least 10%.

Secondary endpoint:

To determine whether the implementation of stroke care pathways leads to:

  • A decreased proportion of patients with an m-RS of greater than 3 at discharge; and
  • A decreased proportion of patients experiencing secondary complications.

Research collaborators on OSCAIL include:

  • Martin Kaddumukasa (Uganda)
  • Lynn Katsoulis (South Africa)
  • Megha Khanna; Jeyaraj Pandian (India)
  • Gerard Urimubenshi (Rwanda)
OSCAIL Presentation - Download PDF
Study Type

Interventional - Procedure

Study Design

Multi-centre, pre-post educational intervention

NO. of Countries


NO. of Sites


NO. of Participants


Study Period

2017 - TBD



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