CATIS-ICAD is the first pilot RCT assessing safety of low-dose rivaroxaban plus ASA in patients with recent ischemic stroke/high-risk TIA secondary to ICAD, an area where a huge interest exists within the stroke community.

Demonstrating comparable safety to antiplatelet therapy is likely to have far reaching clinical impact, as this combination therapy then potentially could be used for patients with both intracranial and extracranial atherosclerotic disease. (COMPASS trial already established that it is safe and effective in stroke prevention in extracranial atherosclerotic disease)

Demonstration of safety and a trend towards efficacy in rivaroxaban plus ASA arm when compared with the ASA arm will provide a platform for a phase III efficacy trial.

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Study Type

Interventional - Drug

Study Design

Randomized, open-label, blinded endpoint, pilot trial

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HHS (HIF grant)

Bayer (IP)

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