Patients with known cardiovascular risk factors and left atrial enlargement, but without prior atrial fibrillation (AF) had a continuous ECG monitor implanted (St. Jude Medical Implantable Cardiac Monitor) to detect the incidence of sub-clinical AF and study the relationship between sub-clinical AF and left atrial volume and other potential predictors.

Patients were recruited from a variety of clinical settings (heart failure clinics, stroke clinics, diabetes clinics, pre-op and pre-catheterization clinics) and, in many cases, the implant can be done in conjunction with a planned surgery or procedure.

All patients were followed at one, three, six and nine months, and then underwent a final visit at 18 months of follow-up or after the last patient was followed for nine months (whichever came first).

Co-Principal Investigator on ASSET II was Marco Alings, of the Amphia Ziekenhuis, Breda, the Netherlands.

Study Type

Interventional - Device

Study Design

Cohort study

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NO. of Participants


Study Period

2012 - 2016



St. Jude Medical (grant in aid)

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