Atrial fibrillation (AF) often occurs transiently in the setting of an acute stressor (e.g. medical illness or surgery). Uncertainly exists as to whether AF Occurring Transiently with Stress (AFOTS) is secondary to a reversible precipitant and is benign, or is a first presentation of paroxysmal AF and associated with a risk of stroke.

AFOTS is a common occurrence (up to 15-40% in intensive care), but there is a lack of evidence to guide its management and guidelines have called for further research in this area.

The objective of the AFOTS Recurrence study is to use a sensitive strategy to determine the rate of recurrent AF among patients who experienced AFOTS following non-cardiac surgery or medical illness, compared to matched controls.

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Case control cohort

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Canadian Cardiovascular Society (CCS)

CCS-AF Research Award

CCS-Bayer Vascular Award

Canadian Stroke Prevention Intervention Network (CSPIN) Junior Investigator Award

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