The objective of the ACCORD study was to test treatment strategies aimed at reducing cardiovascular events in type 2 diabetes.

The trial was designed to test the effects on major CVD events of:

  • Intensive glycemia control
  • Treatment to increase HDL-cholesterol and lower triglycerides (in the context of good LDL-c and glycemias control)
  • Intensive blood pressure control (in the context of good glycemia control).

On February 6, 2008 the intensive arm of ACCORD was stopped and all intensive glycemia participants were “transitioned” to the standard glycemia arm of the trial due to an increase in mortality. All other arms continued as per protocol.

Primary endpoints:

Reduction in blood pressure
Reduction in heart rate
Modify lipids

Secondary endpoint: Platelet aggregation. Not adjudicated

PHRI was the Canadian coordinating centre for ACCORD, managing the 13 sites in Canada. Hertzel Gerstein was the Principal Investigator for Canada, and sat on the Steering Committee for ACCORD study.

Study Type

Interventional - Drug

Study Design

Randomized, multicenter, double 2X2 factorial design

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Study Period



National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

Wake Forest School of Medicine

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