October 2021

Open Forum Infectious Diseases

PADIT: Impact of choice of prophylaxis on the microbiology of cardiac implantable electronic device infections – insights from the prevention of arrhythmia device infection trial

Y Longtin, P Gervais, DH Birnie, J Wang, M Alings, F Philippon, R Parkash, J Manlucu, P Angaran, C Rinne, B Coutu, RA Low, V Essebag, C Morillo, D Redfearn, S Toal, G Becker, M Degrace, B Thibault, E Crystal, S Tung, J LeMaitre, O Sultan, M Bennett, J Bashir, F Ayala-Paredes, L Rioux, MEW Hemels, LHR Bouwels, DV Exner, P Dorian, SJ Connolly, AD Krahn

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