Seven of PHRI distinguished Principal Investigators (PIs) have come together with over 3600 fellow stroke experts worldwide for the 15th World Stroke Congress 2023, held in Toronto from October 10th to 12th. 

Dr. Kanjana Perera at the World Stroke Congress


Over three days, PHRI researchers have presented their groundbreaking work, leading discussions on the latest in stroke science, clinical trials, breakthroughs, and guidelines for stroke prevention. Notably, Ashkan Shoamanesh, a PHRI Scientist, played a crucial role as a co-chair for this significant international conference, further enhancing PHRI’s collective accomplishments.

This year’s sessions and presentations covered a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from stroke rehabilitation and recovery, neuroimaging, global health research, data science and AI, to gender disparities. 

Diving into the Contributions of PHRI PIs: 

PHRI PIs showcased their expertise and made significant contributions to the event. Here’s an overview of their participation and presentations: 

Mike Sharma
  • Chair: New Horizons in Secondary Stroke Prevention 
  • Speaker: Clinical Implications and Management of Covert Brain Infarcts – Insights from Randomized Controlled Trials 
  • Speaker: The Use of Anti-Thrombotic Treatment in Patients with Covert Infarcts 
Aristeidis Katsanos 
  • Co-Chair: WSC2023 Early Career Investigator Workshops/Sessions 
  • Speaker: Anti-inflammatory Medications for Stroke Prevention
  • Speaker: Potential of Colchicine for Acute Management and Long-Term Mace Reduction
Kanjana Perera 
  • Chair: Construct of ESUS remains valid post ARCADIA, Role for DAPT in lacunar stroke 
  • Speaker: CATIS-ICAD RCT results 
  • Speaker: Diagnosis and Management of CNS Vasculitis
Ashkan Shoamanesh 
  • Co-Chair: WSC2023 Scientific Committee 
  • Chair: Introduction to Clinical Trials Main Plenary 
  • Speaker: Factor XIa Inhibition – A Promising New Paradigm in Stroke Prevention 
  • Speaker: Hemorrhagic MRI Markers of SVD And Antithrombotic Treatment Decisions 
Stuart J Connolly 
  • Speaker: ANNEXa-I Results 
Pierre Amarenco 
  • Chair: Advances in Common Risk Factor Management for Stroke Prevention 
  • Speaker: Advances in Lipid Lowering Treatment for Stroke Prevention 
  • Speaker: LDL and Beyond – Targets for Vascular Neurologists
Jeff Healey
  • Speaker: Combined Mechanical and Anticoagulant Treatment – Left Atrial Appendage Occlusion

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