PHRI Senior Scientist and Deputy Director, Hertzel Gerstein, has been elected as a Fellow in the Royal Society of Canada (RSC). Of the honour, he says:

“This recognition by the Royal Society of Canada reflects the serious global health impact of diabetes, and the crucial role that outcomes-based clinical trials have played in identifying therapies to reduce that dire impact.
This work is made possible by a global network of like-minded colleagues, patient-partners, and a highly supportive environment at McMaster University, Hamilton Health Sciences, and the Population Health Research Institute.”

Gerstein will be inducted into the Fellowship at the RSC’s Celebration of Excellence and Engagement event in Waterloo, Ontario November 16-18, 2023.

Other PHRI researchers who have been elected as RSC Fellows are:

  • 2022: PHRI Senior Scientist Sonia Anand
  • 2018: PHRI Senior Scientist Guillaume Pare
  • 2005: PHRI Executive Director, Senior Scientist Salim Yusuf

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