Greg Kopoian

When he got his first ever pay cheque from PHRI in 2009, Greg Kopoian went straight out and bought a new drum. It was the year he co-founded a rock band.

A Senior Systems Administrator in PHRI’s ICT department, Greg, his brother, Jordan, and their friend, Brent, have been playing together ever since.

“We’ve evolved a lot over the 14 years. We’ve had different band names, different band members, we’ve played different instruments… but ultimately it has been myself, Jordan and Brent since the beginning.”

Today named Further the Lion, their band has played all over southern Ontario, mostly in Hamilton and Toronto. They have three albums of original music on Spotify, and also play a lot of cover songs from artists including The Tragically Hip, Weezer, Beatles, and Stones.

Follow the band on Instagram @FurthertheLion. Check out their music videos at YouTube.

Who knows what other talents lie hidden behind the day jobs of PHRI faces?

Further the Lion bandmates Greg Kopioan (centre) with brother Jordan (left) and their friend, Brent.


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