Several PHRI researchers presented at the 19th Cardiovascular Clinical Trialists (CVCT) Global Forum in Washington, DC Dec. 1 – 3, 2022 on topics ranging from the polypill to accelerating CV trials, from heart failure polypharmacy implementation to anti-thrombotic therapy.

Polypill and Fixed Dose Combination Strategies: How to Act upon the Accumulated Evidence, chaired by PHRI Executive Director Salim Yusuf, and PHRI Senior International Fellow Clara Chow, included: Yusuf on history of the polypill and its essential role in global CVD prevention; the evidence so far – a summary of trials of the polypill in primary prevention by PHRI Investigator Philip Joseph, and cost effectiveness of the polypill by PHRI Scientist André Lamy.

Andre Lamy at CVCT 2022

PHRI’s Andre Lamy (centre), Philip Joseph and Salim Yusuf (second and third from the right) participated in a panel about the polypill at CVCT Global Forum 2022.

Accelerating CV Clinical Trials: Regulatory Digital and Investigator Solutions included “a la COVID” non-competitive model by PHRI Senior Scientist PJ Devereaux, and Yusuf on conducting randomized clinical trials in developing countries and in resource-challenged settings.

Thrombosis Trials: Solving the Equation of Maximizing the Net Benefit of Anti-Thrombotic Therapy included: Will XIa have different benefits on MIs and Stroke, and DVTs? by PHRI Senior Scientist Guillaume Pare; and Devereaux on myocardial infarction following non-cardiac surgery.

Guillaume Pare at CVCT 2022

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