PHRI’s trial, HIP ATTACK [Hip Fracture Accelerated Surgical Treatment and Care Track] is featured in this month’s special supplement of CMAJ: Engaging Patients in Health Research – the Ontario Experience. 

Authored by Dr. Mike McGillion and Flavia Kessler Borges, both researchers at PHRI and McMaster University, along with patient partner Lee Lin-Rogano, the article discusses how patient engagement in HIP ATTACK spans research governance, strategy and methodology in the study. Key examples include governance auditing, Web-based knowledge dissemination and trial-outcome evaluation.

McGillion is also an author of the commentary/introduction of this CMAJ issue, which writes, in part:

“Researchers are beginning to realize that their views of important outcomes often reflect an unstated bias toward clinical and system outcomes rather than patient experiences, and that giving voice to patients can help to balance these perspectives. The experience of researchers with patient engagement is still in early stages. There is yet limited evidence of the impact of patient engagement on research, and guidance on engaging patients is emerging but not fully tested.”

The Ontario Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) Support Unit(OSSU) is a key partner in this special supplement within CMAJ Journal.>/p>


CMAJ_OCCU infographicRead the entire issue of CMAJ: Engaging Patients in Health Research – the Ontario Experience.


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