Consenting participants of the COMPLETE trial (Complete vs Culprit-only Revascularization Strategies to Treat Multi-vessel Disease after Primary PCI for STEMI), participants will be followed passively for an additional five to ten years after completion of the trial.

During the extended follow-up period, there will be no protocol-mandated therapies and the primary care physicians will determine treatment of all study participants based on their interpretation of the available evidence.

The follow-up will be observational and focused at identifying the occurrence of deaths and major CV events.

In addition, if possible, linkages to administrative national or regional databases that record mortality and major morbidity (e.g. hospitalizations for myocardial infraction or stroke) will be conducted.

Study Type

Observational - Registry

Study Design


NO. of Countries

3 target

NO. of Sites

55 target

NO. of Participants

1500 target

Study Period

2020 - 2030



Funded by PHRI

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