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Guyana CVD

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Guyana Prospective Observation Study for CVD Risk Assessment and Treatment by Non-Physician Health Workers




This study protocol describes a single-center prospective observational study of 100 individuals in Guyana. The primary goal is to assess the feasibility of performing larger-scale epidemiological and health intervention studies in Guyana. The study objectives include:

A. Primary Objectives

    • 1. To develop, implement and evaluate a program for screening and managing CVD and its risk factors using up-to-date evidence and guideline recommendations in Guyana.
    • 2. To evaluate the feasibility of using NPHWs as the primary point of contact 3. To assess the feasibility of performing larger-scale epidemiological and health intervention studies in Guyana.

B. Secondary Objectives

  • 1. To collect epidemiological data for CVD and its risk factors in Guyana.
  • 2. To assess impact of the program on CVD and its risk factors in Guyana.

Study Design

This is an observational, single-center, prospective follow-up study. This design is the best method to address the study objectives as it will allow for prospective data collection, while assessing the feasibility of conducting a study using a pragmatic evidence-based program centered around NPHWs. The study will take place at the Doobay Medical and Research Centre, a not-for profit medical center on the East Coast Demerara. Established in 2010, it was one of the first centres in Guyana to offer subsidised dialysis to patients with renal failure. This site was selected based on pragmatic reasons including access to technological resources, medical equipment and laboratory investigations, as well as availability of NPHWs.

Primary Endpoint

Primary Outcomes

  1. Qualitative feedback from participants, NPHWs, and supervising physicians.
  2. Participant recruitment and retention into the program as assessed by the rate of consent, and completion of follow-up visits at 3, 6 and 12 months.
  3. Adherence to intervention as assessed by the participant’s continued use of the recommended intervention for CVD and its risk factors.

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Principal Investigator

Sonia Anand and Russell de Souza

Program Manager

Dipika Desai


The Doobay Medical and Research Centre in Guyana.