Dr. Wieslaw (Wes) Oczkowski MD, FRCPC

Photo of Wieslaw (Wes) Oczkowski
Wieslaw (Wes) Oczkowski Dr.

Current Positions

  • Principal Investigator – Stroke & Cognition, Population Health Research Institute
  • Associate Clinical Professor – McMaster University
  • Medical Director – Central South Regional Stroke Program
  • Stroke Neurologist – Hamilton Health Sciences
  • Co-Director McMaster University / Hamilton Health Sciences Stroke Fellowship Program


Dr. Oczkowski is both an acute stroke and rehabilitation specialist and an expert in evidence based medicine as applied to clinical neurology and stroke. He has been an associate editor with the American College of Physicians Journal Club for over 20 years.

He is an expert in stroke rehabilitation and possibly the only neurologist in Canada with training across the complete continuum of stroke care. He is published across the complete spectrum of stroke care.

Dr. Oczkowski is a neurologist at Hamilton Health Sciences and an associate clinical professor with McMaster University. He is presently the medical director of the Central South Regional Stroke Program. The Central South Program is a premier and model program for the Ontario Stroke System. He championed the integrated model of stroke unit care and helped develop one of the largest comprehensive stroke units in Canada.

He is presently the chair of Professional Education Committee of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario. He teaches at both the undergraduate, postgraduate, and fellowship levels, and at many continuing medical education events.

Dr. Oczkowski is presently involved in trials to enhance recovery of walking after stroke.

  • Reducing the Burden of Stroke Program, HHS Research Strategic Initiatives
  • Optimizing recovery of walking function after stroke: The Independent Mobility and Physical Activity Training (IMPACT) Study
  • POISE-2

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