Dr. Tej Sheth BArts SC, MD, FRCP(C)

Photo of Tej Sheth
Tej Sheth Dr.

Current Positions

  • Principal Investigator – CVD Prevention & Risk Factors Program – Imaging, Population Health Research Institute
  • Associate Professor – Division of Cardiology, Department of Medicine
  • Interventional Cardiologist, Hamilton Health Sciences
  • Co-Director, Cardiac CT, Hamilton Health Sciences
  • Director, Angiographic Core Laboratory, Hamilton Health Sciences


Dr. Tej Sheth is an Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine at McMaster University and a Principal Investigator for the Atherosclerosis Imaging program at the Population Health Research Institute. His research interest is in invasive and non-invasive coronary imaging modalities including coronary angiography, optical coherence tomography, and CT coronary angiography. Current investigations include studies of peri-operative myocardial infarction and ST elevation myocardial infarction. Dr. Sheth is the Director of the CT Angiographic Core Lab for the COMPASS CABG study and the COMPLETE trial.

Research Interests

  • Investigates the role of non-invasive coronary angiography, invasive angiography, and revascularization in the management of patients with coronary artery disease, particularly patients with stable chest pain and those undergoing non-cardiac surgery
  • VISION Coronary CT Angiography
  • TOTAL Optical Coherence Tomography Substudy

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