Dr. Richard Whitlock

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Richard Whitlock Dr.

Current Positions

  • Principal Investigator – Perioperative & Surgery Program – CV Surgery, Population Health Research Institute
  • Associate Professor – Cardiac Surgery, Department of Surgery


Dr. Whitlock is a Principal Investigator for the Perioperative & Surgery Program at the Population Health Research Institute. Medically qualified at the University of Toronto, Dr. Whitlock received his specialist training in cardiac surgery and critical care medicine at McMaster University. In 2012, he received his PhD in Clinical Epidemiology and is now an Associate Professor within the Department of Surgery at McMaster University. He is a lead investigator for the CIHR funded studies SIRS, LAAOS III, and TRICS III. These studies have established a network of over 120 centers to address important questions in his filed. He has published over 90 articles in refereed journals.

Dr. Whitlock works as both a cardiac surgeon and intensive care physician at the Hamilton Health Sciences. His clinical focus is on aortic valve intervention and aortic surgery.

  • Left Atrial Appendage Study (LAAOS) III
  • Transfusion Requirements in Cardiac Surgery (TRICS) III
  • VISION Cardiac Surgery

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