Dr. Guillaume Paré MD, FRCP(C)

Photo of Guillaume  Paré
Guillaume Paré Dr.
Senior Scientist

Current Positions

  • Director – Genetic and Molecular Epidemiology Laboratory, Population Health Research Institute
  • Assistant Professor – Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine
  • CISCO Professorship in Integrated Health Systems


Dr. Paré is a Principal Investigator for the Genetic Epidemiology program at the Population Health Research Institute. He is also Assistant Professor of Pathology and Molecular Medicine at McMaster University and Director of the Genetic and Molecular Epidemiology Laboratory at the PHRI/TAARI. Dr. Paré is a Medical Biochemist with board certification from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Dr. Paré completed a Master’s in Human Genetics at McGill University under the supervision of renowned geneticist Dr. Thomas Hudson. He further trained in genetic epidemiology with Dr. Paul Ridker at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Paré currently holds a Canada Research Chair in Genetic and Molecular Epidemiology. His clinical interests are centered on lipoprotein disorders, obesity and cardiovascular disease prevention. His corresponding research interests are in cardiovascular genetics, biomarker development and pharmacogenomics. His latest contributions are the characterization of the common genetic determinants of inflammatory markers, lipoprotein fractions and antiplatelet agent’s action, as well as development of novel statistical tools for analysis of genetic datasets. He has published 84 papers.

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