PURE, other late breaking science at ESC 2019

Several presentations about the ongoing, long-running Prospective Urban and Rural Epidemiological Study (PURE), that spans more than 225,000 participants in 25 countries, will be given at this summer’s European Society of Cardiology Congress (#ESC2019), as well as presentations of other PHRI-led research.


8:30 – 10 am: Symposium/Spotlight of the Congress: How to reduce global CVD by 30% by 2030. The vision will be presented by PHRI’s executive director, Salim Yusuf. He will be joined by: Richard Peto, University of Oxford, speaking on smoking; Dike Ojji on hypertension; and Nathan Wong, UC Irvine School of Medicine on diet and obesity.

11:00 – 11:22 – Yusuf particpates in the Symposium/Spotlight: Cardiovascular Disease in Special Populations. He will present on What do we know and what remains unclear? A global perspective on cardiovascular diseases.

15:25 – 15:48: Shamir Mehta on the COMPLETE study – revascularization with multivessel PCI for STEMI. He is one of  three scientists presenting in this late-breaking science, mobile app, session.


08:47 – 09:05: PHRI’s Darryl Leong: new insights into anthropometrics and cardiovascular outcomes in 150,000 adults from 21 countries followed for 9 years: a PURE study. Leong will be one of four scientists presenting in this late breaking science in prevention session.

9:30-10:00: Shamir Mehta on the COMPLETE study, in the meet the trialist/late-breaking science session on Acute Coronary Syndromes: treatment, revascularization.

12:12 – 12:27: JD Schwalm on the HOPE-4 study – the impact on cardiovascular risk of a community-based multi-faceted intervention in individuals with hypertension in two middle-income countries. Schwalm will be one of five scientists presenting, with discussants, in this late-breaking science hot line session, mobile-app enabled.


11:36  – 11:54: Darryl Leong presents on PURE: Contrasting patterns of cardiovascular disease, cancers and related mortality between high vs. low and middle-income countries in 21 countries. Leong will be one of five scientists, with discussants, at this late-breaking science session that has a mobile-app for questions from the audience.

15:40 – 16:10 Darryl Leong will present on PURE Epidemiology Transition in a meet the trialist/late breaking science session.

The European Society of Cardiology Congress 2019 (#ESC2019) is being held in Paris, France Saturday, August 31 to Wednesday, September 4, 2019, together with the World Congress of Cardiology.