Statistics & Data Management

Analyzing information on hundreds of thousands of people from around the world to improve health


The statistical staff at the PHRI have expertise to conduct and analyze large-scale multinational clinical trials, registries, and community-based epidemiology projects. Our mission is to identify, develop, and apply the sound statistical foundations essential for the advancement of science and statistical methodology within the studies conducted at PHRI. We are an integral part of the study conduct at the design stage, through coordinating and supporting the reporting and analysis needs of study teams, Data Safety Monitoring Boards and other committees, and through the statistical analyses appearing in publications of major journals.

Data Management

The Data Management group has a mission to provide a robust and reliable data platform which ensures that complete and accurate data is collected and maintained in order to support analyses that sustain the scientific goals and research advancements at PHRI. Our biometrics programmers develop the study database, provide the programatic checks needed to obtain complete and consistent data, and customize study performance reports.