Research Specimen and Supply Management (RSSM)

Research Specimen and Supply Management (RSSM) sources, procures, and distributes healthcare supplies and devices for PHRI studies around the world; with an emphasis on creating, packaging, labelling, and shipping biological specimen collection kits.

RSSM ensures biological specimens from their collection kits arrive back to Canada for testing and storage according to international trade/Customs regulations, including Health Authority regulations, such as Health Canada, FDA, European Commission, etc., by providing documentation that is current and complete. RSSM also ensures all human biological shipment packaging is compliant with current International Air Traffic Association (IATA) and Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) regulations.

Additionally, RSSM advises and supports study teams in the development of a study-specific Specimen Collection, Processing, and Shipping Laboratory Manual, detailing specimen collection, processing, storage, and shipment to national sites and back to a central laboratory in Canada.

RSSM comprehensive study support includes:

  • Building up to 3000 specimen collection kits per month for PHRI sites around the world; ensuring all lot numbers and expiry dates are captured.
  • Tracking and monitoring out-going supply shipments and in-coming specimen shipments to and from PHRI sites in 50+ countries and Canada.
  • Shipping compliance to IATA and TDG regulations; ensuring 500+ shipments are received at a central Canadian laboratory annually.
  • Availability of Vapour Shippers for biological specimen shipments, if required; each capable of transporting 600-2 mL vials of specimen in nitrogen vapour at -150°C or colder.

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