Information & Communications Technology (ICT)

The Information and Communciations Technology (ICT) department provides the infrastructure, business solutions, database administration and communications support for the rapidly evolving research and administrative activities at the PHRI.

Operations and Infrastructure

One of the core goals of the ICT team is to provide a simple, stable and secure infrastructure. PHRI has partnered with leading technology providers and together ICT has built an impressive service offering including: servers, storage and backup, networking, communications in a secure data centre facility. Working with 1500 sites in 86 countries demands flexibility and reliability in communications methods as each country presents its own unique challenges. The ICT team provides study teams with a variety of data and voice communication options to maintain critical lines of communication with the investigative sites. Data is primarily collected using electronic data capture and fax transmissions. ICT is responsible for the deployment and ongoing maintenance of the data management systems that are at the heart of the clinical data.

Solutions (Development)

ICT’s solutions team is integral to the daily conduct of PHRI trials by providing custom centralized randomization and IP logistics and management. In addition, the solutions team continually raise the bar with compliant, innovative solutions for data integration, real time reporting, web portals, e-diaries, and point of contact data collection via tablets for remote locations around the world.