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iDataFax 4.1.1 (replaces iDataFax 4.1.0)

Please note: You need to continue using iDataFax 4.0.1 until end of day on April 22, 2011. You will need to use the iDataFax 4.1.1 software after that date. Leave your iDataFax 4.0.1 client installed on your computer until we inform you to remove it.

UPDATE: If you already downloaded iDataFax 4.1.0, we highly recommend that you now download iDataFax 4.1.1. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Note: You can safely have iDataFax 4.0.1 and 4.1.0 installed at the same time on your computer.

Click here to Download iDataFax 4.1.1

Important Reminder

This PHRI communication is being issued to inform you of an upcoming upgrade to iDataFax on April 22nd, 2011. iDataFax is the software program that PHRI uses to manage data in studies that you are participating in.

PHRI is scheduling an upgrade of the software that manages the studies that you are participating in.

Please note that we had previously informed you that we are upgrading to iDataFax 4.1.0, however a new minor release has recently become available that fixes some small problems with 4.1.0. Therefore we ask that if you have already downloaded iDataFax 4.1.0 that you now download iDataFax 4.1.1. We apologize for the inconvenience.

In order to prepare for this upgrade PHRI requires that you download a new version of the iDataFax client software. This new software can be installed on the same computer as iDataFax 4.0.1 that you are currently using. The new software cannot be used to connect to the current version of DataFax on edc.phri.ca but will be needed to connect once the upgrade has been completed. We ask that you download and install the iDataFax 4.1.1 client in preparation for the upgrade and report any issues with the installation to us.

You can download the iDataFax 4.1.1 client by clicking on the following link iDataFax 4.1.1 and provide your iDataFax login id, study affiliation, and site number if you know it. Upon entering this information you will be prompted to download and save the iDataFax 4.1.1 client. If you are participating in more than one PHRI study using iDataFax, please list all study names and all centre IDs in the appropriate fields.



  • Please note: When testing 4.1.1 client specify the server as edc.phri.ca, use your existing credentials to test.

    You would get an error "This client Software is not compatible with this server" as the server is not upgraded until April 24, 2011.


  • Please note: When connecting specify the server as edc.phri.ca.


 If you are having issues, please reference the troubleshooting guide for resolutions to common problems.

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