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PURE-MRI Pilot Study(Ongoing)
Covert Stroke in Canada: An MRI and Outcome Assessment Study

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The overall objective of the proposed study is to determine the prevalence, natural history, determinants and clinical consequences of covert cerebral ischemia in a defined population of community-dwelling participants in low, middle and high-income countries, embedded with the Prospective Urban Rural Epidemiological Study (PURE Study). The PURE Study is a large-scale epidemiological study that is recruiting over 135 000 individuals residing in over 500 communities in 18 low, middle and high income countries around the world.

The PURE-MRI study will address limitations of the current literature by generating valid unbiased estimates of the incidence of new infarction, and identifying novel individual, household, community and societal risk factors for covert ischemia. Before embarking on the full-scale study, we will use CANNeCTIN funding to determine the feasibility of an MRI study at four PURE sites in Canada. PIs: Eric Smith (Calgary) and Martin O'Donnell (McMaster U)

Study Design: This is a prospective longitudinal cohort study nested within the ongoing Prospective Urban Rural Epidemiological (PURE) study in Canada. We will recruit 120 participants from the current cohort, stratified by age.

Intervention: Participants will undergo an MRI at baseline, and will have additional testing designed to measure cognitive performance, mood, activities of daily living and gait.

Length of Study: 2 Years

# of Patients: 120

Patient Populations: Participants will be recruited, stratified by age, from among the 6,068 current PURE participants age ≥60 in the 4 Canadian study centers: Ottawa, Hamilton, Quebec and Vancouver. Each center will recruit 15 participants aged 60-69, and 15 participants aged ≥70).


To be published upon study completion.

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