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Cardiovascular Surgery
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Heart disease continues to be a significant health and economic burden to health care systems around the world.  For over 40 years, cardiopulmonary bypasss surgery has been the standard treatment.  During this time, cardiac surgeons have been evaluating benefits of carrying out coronary artery bypass surgery without the use of  the conventional cardiopulmonary bypass system.  This alternative procedure, known as off pump surgery, has been in use for the last 15 years, and is one where the normal circulation is maintained and the heart continues to beat during surgery.  This procedure has several advantages over the traditional approach, such as reduced surgical times, less blood transfusion requirements, reduced incidence of atrial fibrillation, cardiac ischemia and stroke, as well as less neuro-cognitive impairment, a reduced incidence of renal complications and a shorter hospital stay. There have been are few large, randomized, controlled trials (RCT) completed to date, but the initial published results are encouraging. The main focus of our group is conducting the largest on pump:off pump RCT to date, and to assess the health and economic benefits of this technique.


Main Publications

Farrokhyar, Forough, Wang Xiaoyin, Kent, Rosanne and Lamy, Andre. Early mortality from off-pump and on-pump coronary bypass surgery in Canada: A comparison of the STS and the EuroSCORE risk prediction algorithms.  Can J Cardiol Vol 23 No 11 September 2007. 

Lamy A, Wang X, Farrokhyar F, Kent R and on behalf of the Canadian Off-Pump and On-Pump investigators  " A cost comparison of off-pump CABG versus on-pump CABG at one-year: The Canadian Off-Pump Registry"  The Canadian Journal of Cardiology 2006 Jun;22(8)699-704.  

Lamy A, Farrokhyar F, Kent R, Wang X, Smith KM, Mullen JC, Carrier M, Cheung A,  Baillot R The Canadian off-pump CABG Registry: A one-year prospective comparison with on-pump CABG.Can J Cardiol 2005;21(13):1175-1181.  

Healey JS, Crystal E, Lamy A, Teoh K, Semelhago L, Hohnloser SH, Cybulsky I, Abouzahr L, Sawchuck C, Carroll S, Morillo C, Kleine P, Chu V, Lonn E, Connolly SJ. Left Atrial Appendage Occlusion Study (LAAOS): results of a randomized controlled pilot study of left atrial appendage occlusion during coronary bypass surgery in patients at risk for stroke. Am Heart J. 2005 Aug;150(2):288-93. 


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