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*Please note these are generic job descriptions; responsibilities and specifics are subject to change. Positions may not be available, please refer to the Career Introduction here.

Careers in:

Finance and Contracts 

Investigator Fee Assistant
The Investigator Fee Assistant is responsible for updating and maintaining the study database, related functions, and the distribution of payments.  


Accounts Payable Coordinator
The Accounts Payable Coordinator is accountable for the daily coordination of Accounts Payable activities of the PHRI liaising with the Hamilton Health Sciences Finance office. 


Financial Analyst
The Financial Analyst is responsible for general ledger analyses for assigned projects or specific accounts including cost recoveries from external parties, and to provide support and assistance in the development of policies and procedures relating to the PHRI Finance department.  


Contracts and Investigator Fees Supervisor
The Supervisor of Contracts and Investigator Fees is responsible for managing the Investigator Fee system for multiple projects in accordance with project specific timeline requirements and criteria.


Clinical Trial Agreements and Contracts Specialist
To negotiate and administer clinical research contracts with external research sponsors, participating worldwide study sites, and national coordination office for investigator initiated projects and projects coordinated by PHRI.


Financial Controller
The Controller will oversee the daily operations of the general accounting functions, ensuring timely review and reconciliations of all projects and allocation of costs to projects.

Information Communications and Technology (back to top)

Computer Technician 
The Computer Technician is accountable for providing day-to-day support, maintenance and expert knowledge relating to all Intel-based infrastructure hardware, operating system and related systems and applications.


Computer Technician - Telecommunications
The Computer Technician - Telecommunications focuses on external telecommunication services, solutions, and technologies supporting the PHRI's research studies. 


Program Analyst
The Program Analyst  is responsible for maintenance and support for programming, code testing, and provides technical support for maintaining the programs. 


Systems Administrator
The Intermediate System Administrator will ensure the stable operation of the in-house computer system, including installation, configuration, maintenance, support, and optimization.


IT Architect
The IT Architect is responsible for the design, development, testing and implementation of user friendly tools to access PHRI research applications.   


Software Quality Assurance Specialist
The Software Quality Assurance Specialist tests application software, tracks test results and checks software configuration to ensure the quality, reliability, and system safety and security. 


Systems Specialist
The Systems Specialist is accountable for providing day-to-day support, maintenance and expert knowledge relating to all UNIX technology, operating system and related business systems/applications supporting the Population Health Research Institute's research studies. 


Senior Data Management Administrator
The Sr. Data Management Administrator will manage and deploy a growing database of clinical research data and administer the computers on which they reside, including solutions for ensuring database integrity. 

Statistics  (back to top)

Biometric Programmer
The Biometric Programmer oversees and services the design and implementation of study design, and creating the program systems needed to guarantee the successful implementation of the project.


Statistical Analyst Programmer
The Statistical Analyst Programmer is responsible for the creation, maintenance and statistical analysis of large databases from clinical trials research.


Senior Biostatistician
The Senior Biostatistician is responsible for the design, monitoring of patient safety and data integrity, final analysis and presentation of results for multiple large-scale clinical trials.


Senior Statistical Analyst
The Senior Statistical Analyst ensures all statistical reporting and analysis from the statistical team is appropriate, accurate and meet all deadlines.

Research Team  (back to top)

Data Management Assistant 1
The Data Management Assistant 1 applies knowledge of regulations, policies, protocols and/or procedures for accurate and efficient computer data entry.


Data Management Assistant 2
The Data Management Assistant 2 applies knowledge of regulations, policies, protocols and/or procedures for accurate and efficient computer data entry with routine verification checks and identification of data discrepancies.


Data Management Assistant 3
The Data Management Assistant 3 participates in the collection, verification, management, analysis and reporting of data, and standard quality control reporting.


Research Administrative Assistant
The Research Administrative Assistant supports the project manager, study coordinator and other members of the study team in correspondence with study investigators from multiple countries.


Research Assistant
A research assistant will assist the Research Coordinator in the management and coordination of a large international clinical trial. 


Research Coordinator
The Research Coordinator manages all data management activities for projects, liaising between the project centre, study sites and government and community agencies.


Clinical Research Coordinator
The Clinical Research Coordinator will assist in the design of research studies and writing of grant proposals for submission to external funding agencies. Coordinates and manages all aspects of data  collection and reporting. 


Project Manager
The Project Manager will contribute to the design of the research project and infrastructure, and provide overall direction to the study team.



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    Susan Ercole
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    McMaster University/ Hamilton Health Sciences
    Hamilton General Hospital
    237 Barton Street East
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    Email: susan.ercole@phri.ca
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