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Vascular Events In Noncardiac Surgery PatIents Cohort EvaluatiON

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Worldwide, an estimated 200 million adults undergo noncardiac surgery requiring hospital admission annually. Although noncardiac surgery provides important benefits, it is associated with major adverse vascular events. The increase in elderly patients undergoing surgery, the change in the invasiveness of some surgical interventions, and the limitations of previous research (e.g., dated information, focus on select high-risk groups, small sample sizes), contribute to uncertainty about the current incidence of major vascular events in patients undergoing noncardiac surgery.  Further, uncertainty exists regarding the optimal clinical risk estimation model for predicting major perioperative vascular events.  Previous risk modeling studies were underpowered, the composite outcome in most studies did not include similarly important components, and most studies were conducted in a single university hospital. There is promising but inconclusive evidence that troponin measurements after surgery may allow physicians to avoid missing MIs and predict mortality in the first year after surgery. This large international cohort study will inform these issues. 

Study Design: Observational Study.

Intervention: N/A.

Length of Study: 5 years

# of Patients: 40,000

Patient Populations: Patients who are > 45 years of age, undergoing noncardiac surgery requiring overnight hospital admission, and receiving a general or regional anesthetic.


Available upon study completion.

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