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Heart Catheterization Registry (Ongoing)

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The primary objective of this study was to quantify the waiting times, morbidity and mortality of patients waiting for catheterization. A secondary objective was to identify predictors of cardiac events that occur while patients are waiting. The study reported that patients awaiting cardiac catheterization may experience major adverse events, such as death, myocardial infarction and congestive heart failure, which may be preventable. These findings impacted health care delivery in Canada contributing to increased heart catheterization facilities and improved prioritization schemes that allow earlier access for patients at higher risk.

Study Design: Observational Study.

Intervention: N/A.

Length of Study: Ongoing indefinitely. 

# of Patients: 60,000

Patient Populations: Outpatients and inpatients referred for cardiac catheterization.


Available upon study completion.

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Natarajan MK, Mehta SR, Holder DH, Goodhart DR, Gafni A, Shilton D, Afzal R, Teo K, Yusuf S. The risks of waiting for cardiac catheterization: a prospective study. CMAJ. 2002;167(11):1233-40.

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