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INTERHEART (Completed)
A Global Study of Risk Factors for Acute Myocardial Infarction

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The INTERHEART study found that nine easily measurable and modifiable risk factors could explain over 90 per cent of the risk of a heart attack globally and in all regions and major ethnic groups of the world. These studies emphasized that avoidance of tobacco, daily consumption of fruits and vegetables and regular exercise could potentially avoid two-thirds of heart disease. The results also indicated that tobacco (smoking even one cigarette per day increases the risk of myocardial infarction (MI) by five per cent) and abnormal lipids were the two most important risk factors globally, and that the markers of abdominal obesity and hip size (waist-to-hip-ratio) are far more predictive than body mass index (BMI) in predicting MI. Furthermore, stress and psychosocial factors were found to be important risk factors for MI.

Study Design: Observational Study.

Intervention: N/A.

Length of Study: 6 years

# of Patients: 29,972

Patient Populations: Survivors of first recent MI were compared to age and sex matched controls.


Rosengren Interheart Psychosocial

Yusuf Global Relevance Symposium

Main Publications (for a full listing of publications, please visit the 'Media and Publications' section)

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