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Women's Health

Women's Health
Exploring differences in heart disease presentation and diagnosis,
and Metabolic Syndrome related factors between men and women

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The Women's Health program at PHRI is focused on the promotion of women's health in the clinical, education and research domains, with specific reference to cardiovascular disease (CVD). On the clinical front of this program, women with risk factors for CVD or established CVD are diagnosed and treated at the Women's Vascular Clinic at McMaster University Medical Centre in Hamilton.  

This program area is focused on conducting population-based and clinical trials to understand the broad determinants of type-2 diabetes and CVD among women. The program is also focused on studying breast cancer, access to health care among women and the evaluation of treatment effects of specific medical therapies in women with established CVD. The Caring Network - An Interdisciplinary Capacity Enhancement (ICE) grant from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario (HSFO) has allowed the establishment of the Caring Network (2004-2009) at PHRI. The projects in this area explore whether and why women have differing outcomes in acute coronary syndromes and the metabolic syndrome.


Main Publications

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