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Coronary Interventional Health Delivery

Coronary Interventional Health Delivery
Exploring new procedures in cardiac care

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An important relationship exists between knowledge learned in research related to coronary interventions and health care delivery. While HCD primarily evaluates the outcomes of CI research, innovative discoveries can also be made when transferring knowledge learned from HCD in order to start new clinical trials.


The Health Care Delivery (HCD) research program at the Population Health Research Institute is aimed at evaluating how medical and surgical interventions deemed efficacious in clinical trials can be applied in an effective and efficient manner to the general population. The projects to date have been closely related to Coronary Interventions (CI), with expansion to valvular heart disease and evaluation of new technologies such as CT coronary angiography. The Health Care Delivery Team is currently evaluating the role of CT coronary angiography in clinical practice through the conduct of several prospective studies.


Main Publications

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