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Aboriginal/Ethnicity Health
Understanding the shift between agriculture and modern culture

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The Six Nations reserve in Brant County, Ontario took its present from 20,000 hectares in 1847, and is now home to over 12,00 Six Nations people. The traditional lifestyle of the Six Nations people included agricultural farming, hunting and fishing, but the increase in permanent settlements during the second half of the 20th century led to their growing dependence on store-bought foods, and an increased dependence on automobiles and other energy-saving devices. This has led to a marked increase in obesity, diabetes and CVD.  


Between 1998 and the year 2000, PHRI researchers, led by Dr. Sonia Anand, together with Six Nations Health Services, under the leadership of Ruby Jacobs and A.D. Davis, conducted the Study of Health Risk Evaluation in Aboriginal Peoples (SHARE-AP) to determine the prevalence of CV risk factors among the Six Nations people. On-going collaborations continue between the PHRI researchers and the Six Nations People include the SHARE-AP Follow-up study, EpiDREAM, SHARE-AP ACTION, a community assessment of the determinants of obesity and diabetes, and the HOPE-3 Trial.

Key Discoveries

The SHARE-AP study confirmed that the Six Nations people suffer a disproportionate burden of risk factors including obesity, diabetes, and CVD.


Main Publications

Anand S, Yusuf S, Jacobs R, Davis D, Gerstein H, Lonn E, Yi Q. Risk factors, atherosclerosis, and cardiovascular disease among Aboriginal People in Canada: The Study of Health Assessment and Risk Evaluation in Aboriginal Peoples (SHARE-AP) Lancet 2001 Oct 6; 358(9288): 1147-53. •

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Merchant A, Anand SS, Kelemen L, Vuksan V, Jacobs R, Davis B, Yusuf S. Carbohydrate intake and HDL in a multiethnic population:  Population-based cross sectional study. Am J Clin Nutr 2007 Jan;85(1):225-30

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