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The biostatistics and statistical programming staff at the PHRI collectively hold expertise in the conduct and analysis of large-scale multinational clinical trials, registries and community-based epidemiology projects. As biostatisticians, the group recognizes the importance of the information obtained from large trials and population health studies. Collecting large amounts of data enables PHRI to find true moderate effects of a treatment or moderate risk factors that will influence the lives of many people with common diseases.

PHRI's biostatisticians have in-depth knowledge of clinical trials methodology, meta-analysis, and multivariate methods in epidemiology and survival analysis. This group produces the statistical analysis seen in publications of major journals. The biometrics programmers have been responsible for the database set-up for projects, collectively enrolling hundreds of thousands of participants; they have collectedly written and validated tens of thousands of checking programs. All team members hold positions of responsibility working in a team environment on large scale, scientifically important studies.

The group consists of 18 biostatisticians and seven biometrics programmers. The majority of these skilled individuals have been with PHRI for four years or longer. The group includes four PhDs, 15 Masters, and six B.Sc. level individuals, with appropriate degrees in statistics/biostatistics for the biostatisticians and computer science for the biometrics programmers.

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