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The ICT department provides the infrastructure, business solutions, data management and communications support for the rapidly evolving research and administrative activities at the Population Health Research Institute (PHRI).

One of the core goals of the ICT team is to provide a simple, stable and secure infrastructure.   This starts by having a strong team of experienced and dedicated ICT professionals.  PHRI has partnered with leading technical vendors and together have built an impressive service offering including servers, storage, networking, communications and data centre facilities.

Data and voice communications are very important to all organizations, and at PHRI they are critical.   The global trials conducted at PHRI count on the availability of these resources and the ICT team delivers them efficiently and cost effectively. 

Business Solutions
Our business solutions team is integral to the success of the trials run at PHRI.  They continually raise the bar with compliant, innovative and efficient solutions to increasingly complex problems.   Solutions include Integrated Voice Response, data integration, real time reporting, web portals, applications, e-diaries, Investigational Product logistics along with other custom developments. 

Data Management
Research conducted at PHRI typically involves hundreds of collaborating sites from a large number of countries around the world.  While each country presents its own unique challenges, the ICT team is responsible for the development, deployment and ongoing maintenance of the systems that are at the heart of the clinical data.  Data is primarily collected using electronic data capture and fax transmissions.

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