Governance Management

The Population Health Research Institute is a joint institute of McMaster University and Hamilton Health Sciences. As a research institute, the Executive Director is responsible to a governing body comprised of senior executives from McMaster and HHS. In addition, PHRI is part of the research community of HHS comprised of other research institutes, centers and programs as well as independent researchers.

PHRI is organized both by research program specialties and by a supporting organization structure. The research program specialties are based on the interests and passion of our researchers, most of whom support more than one program. PHRI fosters a culture of scientific collaboration across programs and disciplines, resulting in innovative studies that continue to increase our program capabilities.

Organization Structure

PHRI’s organization structure provides support to the program specialties through enabling central and coordinated research departments. Leaders of the supporting departments are members of a coordination committee responsible for operating policies and procedures, and efficient resourcing across PHRI to manage the needs of each program.


Management Structure

Leadership Council

The PHRI Leadership Council sets scientific strategic priorities for the organization, identifying and discussing new and emerging health research areas and establishing objectives based on scientific interest and capabilities. This council meets quarterly per year and hosts broader strategic retreats up to two times per year to identify and carry out its goals. This meeting is chaired by the Executive Director. Council membership includes senior researchers and a cross representation of members from the Coordination Committee.

Leadership Council Membership:

Coordination Committee

Reporting to PHRI Executive Committee, the mandate of PHRI’s Coordination Committee (CoCo) is to determine operational requirements of the PHRI and to ensure the quality and integrity of study operations and information. The committee is comprised of senior department and study team heads who undertake review, discussion, and decisions in relation to the research operations in a monthly meeting. The committee provides direction on implementation of policy and strategy proposed by Executive Committee.

Coordination Committee Membership: